New blog…?

Hey all, it’s been forever since you’ve heard from us, how is everyone doin’, enjoying the nice weather, the spring? Anyway, I think I’m gonna make a new blog, like an online magazine for an English project coming up…It’s going to be about media, stuff in media, and how it affects us. Any ideas on a name for this blog? I have a couple, one possibility is, but I don’t think it sounds very nice….Comment, leave some ideas, cause I’m stumped.

Long Time, No See!

Well, sorry about the lack of posts, Juliet and I have been busy.  Ya know, school, holidays, hanging with friends, and all that jazz.  So I was thinking, why don’t I ask you all how your vacations and things went, and I hope you are enjoying life and you long weekend/family day.  Now, I’m not really, much of a Yoshi expert, but Juliet is.  So is there anything super important I should know? 😀  Question of the day: What game was Yoshi first introduced in?

Hello world!

Welcome to Yoshi Lovers of Clarington, a fan site created by MacKenzie and Juliet, the founder of this fanclub.  Juliet has been a huge fan of Yoshi since she was in grade 4, and now knows just  about everything thing there is to know about Yoshi.  She is always up for a challenge, so leave a comment and start a Yoshi-off!